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The first time I visited Japan (in 2003), I stayed in New Koyo, a small hotel known as one of the good deals for budget travelers. You could cite Sakura House in this same category. But our standards and budget often grow with aging, that's why today I prefer to rent houses or apartments when I travel abroad.

I wanted to experience something more upscale, that's why I chose Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku which belongs to Tokyo Apartments. Filed under long-term leases, usually for expatriate executives, Hundred Stay had to diversify their terms of service since March 11, 2011 and now rent weekly accommodation in some of their apartments.

High end inevitably means expensive asking price. In this case, the advertised rate for the room I stayed is 30,000 Yen a night. Thanks to this website, I got a fair discount without which I couldn't have stayed a week in this beautiful apartment.

For those who follow me on Twitter and / or Facebook, you could already watch the beautiful view offered from the apartment. The outer part of the wall consists of a triptych of glass, from floor to ceiling. Obviously the view is absolutely incredible above Shinjuku, Okubo and Shinjuku stations, and all the way to the Tokyo Tower through the district buildings.

The quality of the service by Hundred Stay is of course very upscale. Soft bed, large LCD TV, Bose sound system, Internet (unfortunately not Wi-fi) and all accessories await you: fridge, microwave, coffee maker, toaster... In the bathroom, the large bath is accompanied by Japanese toilets. Downstairs, the laundry facilities, coffee shop and the gym greet customers.

Hundred Stay Tokyo Shinjuku may offer quite a Western style accommodation, away from the traditional tatami-futon combo. But such an experience in the electric megalopolis, just steps away from the subway station, is so impressive that it has to be experienced.

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