Japanese desserts and sweets

You might think that Japanese food and society don’t leave much room for desserts: cakes, sweets, candies and such. Perhaps because a large majority of Japanese people are very slim. Yet the Japanese are quite greedy and very inventive in their production of desserts.

Here are a few pictures I took during my latest trip to Japan. Click on each thumbnail to view the photo full size:

In konbinis, whole ranges of desserts japanese-desserts-sweets-2 Warabimochi, with toasted soy flour (kinako) Oreo sticks Green tea / vanilla ice cream (Amanohashidate background) Sweets apples at Osaka Tenjin Matsuri Vanilla cream dessert at Umeda Sky Building Japanese cheesecakes Japanese Kit-Kat flavors Blueberry cream, apple pie and tea japanese-desserts-sweets-12 Kit-Kat ball French patisserie: chocolate roll Chocolate roll Mochi Peach Mochi japanese-desserts-sweets-18 Matcha tea donut Clementine candy from Sakurajima Cream sandwich Crepes (pancakes) Crepe (pancake) with banana, caramel, chantilly cream Crepe (pancake) with strawberry, red fruit coulis, chantilly cream Chocolate cream roll Crepes (pancakes) and cream layer cake Crepes (pancakes) and cream layer cake 2 Apple pie with a coffee Cheese cake tart Cheese cake from Hokkaido

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