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How to get to Miyajima

Several boats make the connection between Hiroshima and Miyajima.

With a Japan Rail Pass -- Go to Miyajimaguchi (27 minutes westward, departures about every 15 minutes) where the JR ferry crosses the bay in about 10 minutes.

Without pass -- Other companies do the boat ride from Hiroshima port or the Peace park, but these are longer and more expensive (about ¥2,000 / ~US$ 18.00 one-way).

Opening hours

Free access

Ferries every 15 minutes from 6am to about 10pm

How long / when to visit

If you have a choice, plan your stay in Miyajima under good weather:

  • half a day onsite is not enough 
  • in one day you have to select visits
  • allow two days to see a more complete and in depth tour

Spending a night on the island is expensive but magical


Ryokans and hotels are expensive: not less than ¥10,000 (~US$ 90.00) for a correct room

Besides, Hiroshima offers good accommodation for just over ¥3,000 (~US$ 27.00)

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