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Hi! My name is Lori! I enjoy learning about other countries cultures and languages. Currently I'm studying Japanese (as a student) as well as Russian (alone) on my free time. I would like to improve both languages and learn more about other languages and cultures! I hope we'll get along ^-^.


Hello! I wanna work on my Japanese and make new friends!


Heyo, I am a student trying to improve on Japanese. Someday, I would like to pursue voice acting and music composition. :D


I play games and I am a fan of Japanese animation. I am learning Japanese and I know English so we can help each other with these languages. As soon as I see a reply I will be quick and reply efficiently. This is partly for an assignment in my Japanese class so please do not send anything inappropriate! If you do then i will not reply. Thank you and have a nice day. ありがとございます。 おねがいします。




Hi! My name is Hanna, and I am 11 years old. I'd like a pen friend. :)


はじめまして わたしは、日本語にきょうみがある方を さがしています。 I'm looking for friends who are interested in japan.I appreciate if you teach your language.