Japanese girls and women

I won’t venture to write an article on what characterizes the physics of Japanese women. This is the kind of slippery subject on which it’s a challenge not to crash. But it doesn’t prevent you from giving your opinion in the comments section below!

The Japanese woman crystallizes many fantasies and raises many questions, from outside of Japan. They sometimes say she’s subdued and shy, but also superficial and even venal. It’s impossible to speak about Japanese women without making a generalization, thus distorting their variety.

That on which many agree, however, is the purity of her face, her slimness, elegance, and of course her fashion sense. As for me, I will stick with these pictures of Japanese girls and women taken during my travels in Japan.

Click on each thumbnail to see the picture full size.

Japanese girl taking a picture with her phone Japanese girls on their phone Japanese girl skirt Japanese girls in high heels Japanese girl asleep Japanese girl red haired

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