Momiji manju : the maple pastry from Miyajima

Manju are japanese pastries derived from mochi, other desserts well known in Japanese cuisine.

Manju consists of a dough of flour, water, sugar and starch, filled with red bean paste (which comes from azuki beans). They are boiled but served cold, usually at teatime. It’s been like this since the 14th century.

There are many kinds of Manju, and one of the most famous is matcha tea flavor. The one I’m presenting to you today is the momiji manju, a regional variety of Miyajima which has the shape of maple leaves (“momiji”) as well as their taste.

I bought this box of cakes on the island of Miyajima, and they were a hit! This is a very specific and local taste, unknown outside of Japan, and all food lovers can discover the momiji manju here, through the following pictures (click to view in full size).

momiji-manju-box momiji-manju-2 momiji-manju-3 momiji-manju-4 momiji-manju-6 momiji-manju-7

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Cet article existe également en français sur : Momiji Manjû : gâteau à l’érable de Miyajima
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  2. Sandi a dit le

    I also bought a box of their mixed variety Momiji Manju when I was in Miyajima about a month ago.. they were fantastic, and my parents really enjoyed them. Wish I had bought a bigger box. Do you know if they ship them internationally or if the shop has a website to order from? i really want to buy some more of them, and some of the dried anago from the shop (Toriiya) across the street!

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