Yamashiroya toy store

A short walk from JR Ueno Station in Tokyo (on the Yamanote subway line), is a store well known to all fans of Japanese popular culture, called Yamashiroya.

This large store consists in 6 floors of toys and many products, some well known to the public, others dedicated to the otaku (those hardcore fans). There are a lot of goodies from video games, manga or anime such as:

There are also other products to buy from the shelves of Yamashiroya: board games and puzzles, stickers, iPhone cases, idol cards, full collections of manga …

Click on the following pictures I took inside Yamashiroya to view them full size:

Yamashiroya Yamashiroya Yamashiroya Yamashiroya Yamashiroya Yamashiroya Yamashiroya Yamashiroya

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