Yoyogi Park in Tokyo

Yoyogi Koen

Yoyogi is one of the well-known places to visit in Tokyo, for several reasons:

  • it’s located in a very interesting area of the capital: in Harajuku, between Shibuya and Shinjuku, near Omotesando
  • JR Harajuku Station is easily accessible by subway on the circular Yamanote Line
  • within the Yoyogi Park is the famous and majestic Meiji Jingu shinto shrine

In short, Yoyogi-Koen is one of these unmissable places while traveling in Japan, if you spend a few days in Tokyo. I particularly suggest you stop by on a Saturday or Sunday. The Japanese (and many gaijin expats) stay in Yoyogi park for hours to relax, enjoy a picnic, spend some time with a partner or friends, or simply walk or bicycle. The ponds provide a little more refreshed air, especially in the summer when it’s very hot in Japan.

Among the fun attractions in Yoyogi, note the Rockabilly dancers at the entrance, impromptu cosplay parades, or the sublime wedding processions inside Meiji Jingu. But to be quite exhaustive, there are also quite a lot of homeless people who have built genuine shelters, a little away from the passage.

Here are my Yoyogi Park pictures (click on each thumbnail to view the photo in real size):

yoyogi-1 yoyogi-2 yoyogi-3 yoyogi-4 yoyogi-6 yoyogi-7 yoyogi-8 yoyogi-9 yoyogi-10 yoyogi-11 yoyogi-12 yoyogi-13 yoyogi-14 yoyogi-15 yoyogi-16 yoyogi-17 yoyogi-18 yoyogi-19 yoyogi-20

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