Kiyomizu-dera (Kyoto)

Kiyomizu (which means “pure water”), apart from being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is another essential visit to plan during your trip in Kyoto.

Located east of the city, this gigantic Buddhist area, located on the mountainside, is best known for its majestic main temple: Kiyomizu-dera Hondo (as seen on the main picture of this article).

But the walk begins with Kiyomizu-michi and its shopping streets, in which also hides a Ghibli goodies store!

The entrance to Kiyomizu-dera costs 300 Yen. The complex consists of several temples, pagodas, and even a waterfall (Otoma), all built around the main lodge. There is even a Shinto shrine, Jishu-jinja, dedicated to love.

The photos accompanying this article were taken in March, but the visit is especially recommended in April (to see sakura – cherry blossoms) and November (to see momiji – red maple trees).

Click on the following thumbnails to see Kiyomizu photos in larger size:

Kiyomizu michi kiyomizu-dera-2 kiyomizu-dera-3 kiyomizu-dera-4 kiyomizu-dera-6 kiyomizu-dera-7 kiyomizu-dera-8 kiyomizu-dera-9 kiyomizu-dera-10 kiyomizu-dera-12 kiyomizu-dera-5

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