Mickey Mouse in the Land of Anime

As surprising as it may seem considering the omnipotence of Japanese culture it comes to animation and mascots, the American giant Disney has been a phenomenal success in Japan ever since it was introduced in the archipelago in the middle of the 20th century.

The incredible success of Frozen in 2014 echoes with the deep-rooted influence of Walt Disney’s productions on a great part of the anime and manga industries for decades. The "god of manga" Osamu Tezuka himself always recognized being fond of Disney’s works and considered them a source of inspiration, especially for drawing the large eyes of his characters.

Disney’s popularity in Japan is inseparable from its themed parks:

  • Tokyo Disney Resort, opened in 1983, the most frequented touristic attraction in the world,
  • Tokyo DisneySea, opened in 2001, unique in the world and that many fans consider the most beautiful Disney Park.

Amateurs of Disney's universe will find in Japan a lot of merchandising products sporting their favorite mouse’s silhouette: various objects and accessories, clothes, and collaborations with renowned brands.

The most beloved characters are of course Mickey and Minnie, but also Stitch and the unavoidable princesses.

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