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Flights to Japan & Airports

The vast majority of travelers going to Japan fly to the archipelago, and there are many airplanes companies reaching Japan.

  • From the UK, British Airways has a direct flight from London to Tokyo (about 12 hours long).
  • From the USA:
    • New York - Tokyo can be done by direct flight with the Japanese companies ANA or JAL (about 14h hours long).
    • From San Francisco, ANA and JAL also serve Tokyo by direct flight (about 10 hours long).
  • From Australia, JAL, ANA and Qantas offer direct flights, if purchased early (about 10 hours long).

Budget is about US$1,000 for a direct flight in economy class. With a stopover, you can find flights starting at US$500. In First Class, tickets can go up to US$10,000 or more.

You will find in the following articles our advices about flights for Japan as well as our opinions about several planes companies.

Tokyo possesses two international airports and Osaka-Kansai completes the international offer. Arriving by one of these three airports, you will have to possibility to reach many other domestic airports, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Starting January 7, 2019, any traveler leaving Japan (including Japanese people) has to pay a ¥1,000 (~US$6.40 tax, directly included in the price of the flight.

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