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Spring in Japan

🌸 Sakura and other flowers blooming season

Japanese spring is quite a specific period, highly appreciated by both Japanese people and foreign tourists. Thus, this season is often the most popular for travelers, especially in late March / early April, being a short window for cherry blossom viewing in the Japanese megalopolis.

Those we call sakura always increase curiosity for the seraphic and ephemeral beauty of landscapes they create. We talk about ohanami, literally "the contemplation of flowers", a tradition strongly followed during which we meet friends under the cherry trees to drink, take pictures and have a good time.

Earlier, at the end of February and during March, plum trees (ume) reveal close flowers but with scents generally slightly stronger.

From this page, you can have access to the best spots to contemplate ume and sakura, and also discover what to do during spring in Japan.

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