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The Indispensable Sesame to the Archipelago

Most travelers only need a valid passport for the duration of their stay to visit Japan as tourist. They are generally delivered a "temporary visitor visa" upon their arrival in Japan.

However, some countries’ nationals do need to apply for "temporary visitor visa" in advance, even if they are just planning a leisure trip.

In any case, check with Japan’s consular services or your local authorities to know the legal requirements to travel to Japan from your country.

How long can I stay in Japan?

With the "temporary visitor visa," citizens whose countries have an agreement with Japan can usually stay up to 90 days on its territory (up to 180 days for Switzerland’s nationals).

The duration may be shorter and vary depending on your country of origin.

What are the different types of visas?

Several other types of visas exist, with various durations of stay, depending on the reason the visa is required:

  • Working visa, generally for highly-skilled professionals,
  • Student or training visa,
  • Spouse visa (marriage) and foreigners of Japanese descent visa,
  • Family reunification visa,
  • Cultural activities visa,
  • Working holiday visa,
  • Etc.

The working-holiday program has been settled between Japan and 26 countries in the world to foster mutual understanding. The visa targets young adults who plan to travel about one year in Japan and possibly work to supplement their travel budget. It is one of the easiest and fastest visa to get.

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