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Summer in Japan

The Hot and Humid Season

The summer season is very popular among foreigners, because it corresponds to a long period of holidays. However, not everybody will tell you that it is the best season for traveling in Japan.

Summer in Japan can be divided into 3 main consecutive phases:

  • The rainy season, called tsuyu, from early June to mid-July, happens to be very rainy, yet without being a monsoon;
  • A very humid and warm period in July and August, sometimes hard to withstand for some people; and,
  • The end of summer, more pleasant as temperatures are still warm but humidity is decreasing.

The high temperatures and humidity characteristics of summer season offer favorable conditions for the apparition of typhoons. On average, twenty of them pass over Japan each year, usually from June to October.

Anyway, the summer season shows a unique and inimitable atmosphere that it is interesting to experience, especially by taking part to the numerous traditional festivals (matsuri) or enjoying the seaside atmosphere at the beach or in any water park in the archipelago.

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