Hiver Tokyo

Winter in Japan

The Cold and Occasionally Snowy Season

Contrary to the hot and humid summers, Japanese winters are usually cold and harsh.

Along with raw winds, houses’ isolation are not always the best in Japan. Fortunately, numerous diverse accessories exist to fight the cold and support the harshness of these few months.

Just like the others, this season in Japan is quite well rigid in the calendar, usually from early December up to the end of March. February marks the awakening of nature after the winter hibernation with the blooming of plum trees (Japanese apricot).

In Hokkaido (the queen island for winter in Japan) or also in the Japanese Alps, attractions are numerous. But the whole rest of the archipelago offers numerous other points of interests and a new looks on a lot of visits, especially in the sunny days where the horizon is clear, with a great visibility.

The winter period is also ideal to enjoy Japanese onsen or also skiing, sport that many Japanese are really keen on.

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