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Shopping and Souvenirs from Japan

Where to Buy Travel Memorabilia

Shopping opportunities are plenty in Japan, be they in large department stores spreading over several floors, or small local markets, never-ending shopping arcades (shôtengai), little craft stores, supermarkets or konbini… to the point that the country may sometimes look like a giant mall.

Japan has indeed a knack to imagine and promote loads of cute objects that we definitely want to purchase. If looking for a useful gift, choose a cooking utensil that is convenient to bring back in the suitcase, such as a pair of chopsticks, a miso soup bowl, a tea cup or a bento lunch box. Japanese stationery and fabric are also renowned for their quality and the beauty of their typical patterns. Japan has the tradition that when traveling, one brings back omiyage souvenirs to friends and family. Omiyage consists most of the time in a kind of gourmet box sampling local specialties especially packed for travelers.

Japanese people love to do shopping and tourists as well love strolling around to buy souvenirs. Since Japan is not lacking of shopping ideas, we gathered here the best locations and recommendation for you to buy the best of Japan!

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