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  • Areas to cover in Japan for History and onsens ?

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    Hi there! Im visiting Japan for 8 days from March 39 to April 7. The leave only got approved now so I’m still planning my itinerary and accomodation. I’m travelling with my parents who are big history buffs and would love to visit Kyoto, primarily because of the...
  • What kind of non-academic classes do Japanese parents often enroll their children in?

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    I'm talking about children ages 3-6 or something. In my country, parents often enroll their children in swimming classes, dance classes and art classes. A friend of mine said children in Japan sometimes have calligraphy class. What kind of classes do kids have in...
  • What should girls wear as business attire in Japan?

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    I'm going to Japan in a little over a month and I'm starting the preparation process. I would like to know what should I wear as I am going there for buisiness. I was thinking a pants suit type of outfit. I want to buy those semi-skinny jean looking pants. They aren't...
  • Is it normal to find a sexually explicit magazine at a local hair dresser in Japan ?

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    I have visited Japan for various reasons about 15 times and the last time was to get married. On this visit I went to a local ladies hairdresser in Konan city worked by a man, with my wife before the wedding . My Japanese wife had a shave of her facial skin. Whilst...
  • Japan government training fund for employees?

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    Does Japan government provide any training fund for employees?
  • Kanpai or Kampai, which is most correct?

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    Hello! Have seen "Cheers" in Japanese written as "kanpai" and "kampai", which is correct or most correct? Have family in Japan, and will take my first trip over there soon to bring my Mother's ashes back to her Homeland. Would not want to offend if I make a toast...
  • Salary for maid cafe job in Japan?

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    How much do said workers get paid for said maid cafe job
  • Moving luggage in Nakasendo Trail?

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    Six friends and I will be walking the Nakasendo in September we wish to have some luggage moved each day from the following locations. 1. Kyoto to Tsumago 2. Tsumago to Kiso-Fukushima 3. Kiso-Fukushima - Narai 4. Narai - Karuizawa 5. Karuizawa - Tokyo Is it...
  • Buy a coin operated baseball pitching machine?

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    Hi All, I just came back from Tokyo, and I went to baseball batting cage there, does anyone know where to buy this kinda machine? Second hand would be ok too. I plan to open a batting cage in my country if possible, arigatou~~ Rgrds/....Sam
  • Woodblock Prints in the Chūgoku or Shikoku region?

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    Hello, I will be going to Japan for my 13th trip and won't be going to Tokyo or Kyoto this time. I am more than interested in buying a woodblock print. Either a antique or a newer one by a current artist. I would rather not shop online. This trip I will be going to ...