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Kotaete is our question and answer (Q&A) module. This is where you can submit your questions about all things Japanese to the Kanpai-chan (the Kanpai community).

This section, which acts as a modern forum about Japan, is obviously open to everyone: ask your questions and share your Japanese knowledge with other users.

Latest questions asked

  • Buying Okara powder in Japan?

    - Where i can buy okara powder in tokyo and osaka? Please kindly give the name of the place
  • Buying Nano musician merch in Japan ?

    - I would like to know where I would be able to buy nano ナノ musician merch within Japan as in going there soon.
  • Influence and inspiration of Japanese streetwear?

    - does Japanese streetwear influence the world internationally? what is the difference between Japanese and American streetwear ? why does Japanese streetwear have such an impact on the younger generation? what influence has Japan on global fashion? why is...
  • Market shopping in Hachinohe?

    - I am going to Japan, Hachinohe and I want to know if there is something like spree markets (lot of markets next to each other where they sell fake clothes and electronic). Do you know if it is there???? Thanks
  • Where to buy kabuki face paint/make up in Tokyo?

    - Hi, I'm currently staying in Tokyo and I'm a fan of Kabuki theatre. One thing I'd love to buy is some of the face paint/make up that Kabuki actors use. I've tried google searches to try and find a shop that sells it, but to no avail. Can anyone direct me to a...
  • Long distance bus between Kobe and Tokushima?

    - I am in the middle of planning my second trip to Japan in November. I will be traveling from Kyoto to Tokushima and wish to take the shorter route via Kobe with my JR pass and then take a bus from Kobe to Tokushima over the Naruto bridge. I have found info about the AWA...
  • Stay in an Internet Cafe and go outside the building?

    - wanted to ask, if you go to a Internet cafe and register for a room, can you go outside the building and then come back? or do you have to stay there?
  • Working in Japan as a software developer without a bachelor's degree?

    - Hello My name is Miguel and I would like to know if i would have a chance of getting a work in japan with 4 years as software developer experience but withouth bacheerlor degree. In case i had good level of japanase,good level of english and a Certificate of Higher...
  • The best anime/manga school/institute in Japan ?

    - Hi, My name is Devender Pal, I want to learn Animation and Manga. I've searched a lot but didn't get a right answer, since Japan is the best place to learn anime and other arts, I want to get admission in the top anime school or college. Please help me with the name...
  • What monthly salary is enough to live in Japan?

    - I was offered to work in a Japanese company at a monthly salary of 206700 Yens. Is this amount enough to sustain in Japan?

Still unanswered questions

  • Onigiri cost?

    How much onigiri can be bought with the monthly allowance of a secondary school student in japan?
  • Where to find the Akuma no gishiki book?

    Hello everybody! I'm very excited about the Japanese culture especially the miths and legends surrounding it. The yokai are amazing and all the urban legends as well. I have stumbled across a...
  • Where to find a Cyclus Step2 in Japan?

    Hello friends I hope I havent posted before. I wanted to know if anyone can locate this to charge my cellphone https://www.behance.net/gallery/1902587/Cyclus-Step I need this to keep my phone...
  • 御宿かわせみ book series ?

    Can somebody translate this to me :. 御宿かわせみ Book Series.!! And if you know it ..could you give me some information about it..!! It is written by yumie hiraiwa... And if I want to read it, should...
  • Becoming a professional athlete in Japan?

    How do girls become professional athletes? From the beginning of life and to becoming a professional Volleyball player.