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It is said that Japanese people are the main tourists in their own country. In big cities and Tokyo in particular, the gaijin (foreigners) melt into the flow of the natives and sometimes spend a whole day without meeting a single foreigner. In Kamakura, the number of Westerners at the tourist spots is quite noticeable and that is reflected in the rates charged in the small Japanese restaurants there.

Located just over 50 kilometers from the capital, on Tokyo Bay, the town of Kamakura is one of the most popular trips out for visitors. It is possible to see all it has to offer and visit in just one day, or combine it with the a trip to the nearby island of Enoshima.

To the south of Yokohama, about 45 minutes by train from Shinjuku, Kamakura is best known for its large sitting Buddha statue, but it has many other interesting places to visit. Most attractions are concentrated around the three main stations in the region: Kamakura, Kita-Kamakura (both are on the JR line) and Hase (on the Enoden line for "Enoshima Dentetsu").

It is not expensive to visit the sights and you can easily get away for a day on a reasonable budget.

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How to get to Kamakura

Enoshima Kamakura Free Pass (¥1,470 / ~US$ 14.70) valid for 1 day: free rides on JR Shinjuku-Enoshima line and Enoden line (Fujisawa-Kamakura through Enoshima). This pass is especially valuable for those who do not have a JR Pass at the time of the visit.

From Tokyo -- An hour / ¥920 (~US$ 9.20) by JR Yokosuka Line train (+ ¥980 / ~US$ 9.80 for the "Green Car" = first class).

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