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Tokyo youth's fashion temple

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When we have to talk about fashion and trends in Japan, Harajuku (one of Tokyo's districts) comes up most often. The average age of Harajuku dwellers seems to be a bit younger than in Shibuya, but Harajuku is a great fashion neighborhood in Tokyo.

The main street in Harajuku is called "Takeshita Dori", where everyone can walk between large shopping malls and smaller, intimate and independent trend shops, where you can find fashion clothes for both women and men.

In Harajuku, the Japanese people you'll walk into wear all sorts of trendy or excentric clothes, without wondering whether others like their style or not. Some will even dress as cosplay, especially on week-ends.

Some time ago, Harajuku has seen the opening of both and Evangelion store (a very famous anime from the 90's), and an AKB48 store (the number 1 Japanese-pop seller girls band).

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By Kanpai Updated on February 22, 2021 Harajuku