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Chiyoda is the central district of Tokyo, in the heart of the Japanese capital. Almost fully surrounded by the famous JR Yamanote train line, it spreads out over 12km² only and is home of the Imperial Palace as well as the main political headquarters. The luxury business district of Marunouchi is also part of its landscape.

We mostly know it for being home of the palace's outside gardens, accessible all-year round, but which inside opens to the (very numerous) visitors only two days per year. But the political role of Chiyoda is even stronger as it also houses the Diet (equivalent to the Parliament) as well as the Japanese Prime Minister’s residency.

The district is as well renowned for the famous sakura spots it contains (particularly Yasukuni shrine and Chidorigafuchi), very appreciated by travelers during early spring, to enjoy the flowering of cherry trees.

On the East side, we will find the business district of Marunouchi, where is located the splendid, and recently renewed, Tokyo train station.

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Location reachable with the JRP : order your Japan Rail Pass (from ~US$ 281)

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