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solo traveller >>food hunting & sightseeing . tea lover. but also enjoy having beer/soju/sake


I'm honest, trustworthy, understanding, respectful, supportive, attractive, affectionate, romantic, tenderness, intimacy, passionate, family oriented with great sense of humor. I need friends i can learn language and talk. text.


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My name is Philipp and I'm from Germany. I am a medical doctor by profession and love travelling! For the last three months I've been on my sabbatical and discovered Chile and New Zealand so far, both awesome experiences, both with a group. Japan is next on my list. My last travel experiences have made me very open minded for any kind of activities, especially the outdoorsy ones. I have a lot of hobbies, more information on that when there's genuine interest.


Male 57, loves to travel but nobody around has time to travel with me. Looking for female travel partner. Am not difficult to travel with. I enjoy taking my time, enjoying the food and sights.


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I am quite new in japan but i want to have lots of fun


I am 46 year old massage therapist and love to travel,I never been japan before,I love to meet new people’s.

kami kumo

I’m certifiably nuts, a mixture of introvert and extrovert, and I can’t go a day without Tom Waits, my cats, and homemade Japanese pickles


World Traveler, and amateur photographer. Has a love for nature and different cultures.


Hey! I'm a 20 year old exchange student studying in Sendai for the next few months. I'm originally from Kurdistan, Iraq but I'm studying university in the Netherlands (and I grew up in different places haha). I enjoy historic sites mostly and museums and such. But honestly every experience is unique in its own way so I'm up for almost anything!