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Hello I'm Karthik from India, currently living in Tokyo. Looking for someone or a group who wants to do some weekend camping/ backpacking trips to explore Japan.


Just looking to learn more about Japan


Hi my name is Nora, I am female single, I am searching for friendship please contact me AT...

Dorian Andrade

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Hello! I'm an English Teacher from Mexico lloking to make a lot of friends from Japan!


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1 Isshoni request
22 days, more than 100km travelled by foot (I'm positive on this), a whole new perspective, and philosophy


I am a very active, youthful person who lvoes outdoor activities and new adventures. I love to do a myriad of things and am always open to suggestions. I am sensual, very physical and openly affectionate. Independence is very important to me, but I miss having company to enjoy dining, dancing, and intimacy. i am looking for a serious, attached relationship but do believe in chemistry and if it is there, anything and everything is possible. I am definitely a glass half full person.


I love to travel and learn about other countries culture. I'm a bit shy but would like to overcome that by meeting and making friends with lots of people


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Hello My name is Yurina. I am Japanese and I am looking for someone who wants to travel in Japan as a backpacker with me.