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kamra P

I am 42 years old male looking for a female travel partner during my trip to Japan from 13 - 20 Oct. I am an active guy, love to travel around. Prefer eating Chicken and fish, love to party.


Looking a honest friend in japan. Like to live in japan


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hi. my name is Ramezan.I am living in USA since 2009.I am a massage therapist. I am single and didn't married yet.I know a few languages like English, Turkish, a little Japanese, and Farsi( Persian ) is my native.I was in Japan in 1991 for less than 3 months but I loved the Japanese life style.

Nigel Ruddock

こんにちは! I'm British but have worked in Germany for 20 odd years as a professional violin maker. Am taking regular Japanese lessons and am very interested in exploring Japan's culture, and people. My blog might give you an idea of the sort of stuff I do:


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Recently returned to Belgium after an international career spanning 35 years. Interested in (challenging) travel, photography, biking, running, horse-riding and skiing - and meeting people and cultures.

Shiny .

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