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Kiwi living in Aussie. Love the outdoors, beer and good food. Fun but Tidy, organised but spontaneous.


A person who want to discover the world with joy.


I'm from Brunei, currently an exchange student in Osaka. I'm looking for a travel buddy for a trip. I will be traveling solo to Tokyo from January 1 to January 6, . Hmu if interested.


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30 yo Malaysian Chinese male working in Singapore


Hello!!! Love travel, food and adventure


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Chill guy from Germany who travels Tokyo by himself to explore the city and have some fun.

Martin Rhodes

TV Producer and Director


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Exchange student in Kyoto from the Philippines. Love to travel, eat, go on adventures, discover new things, and have fun! I love meeting new people!


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Professional foodie


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First time travelling to Japan....want to have a good time there, thank you