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Caucasian male, self-employed, educated, well-traveled. Preparing for my fourth visit to Japan, in April 2019. Looking for a companion to visit Kobe-Osaka area, Fukui, Kanazawa, Nagano, Nagoya and Tokyo, but I'm flexible about adjusting my itinerary. Flying into Osaka. Returning to North America by ship from Yokohama to Vancouver, sailing on 28 April: a re-positioning voyage, very cheap, willing to share that too if you're interested.


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29, male.

Eva Calder

Loves to travel, explore and eat good food


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Love to travel. Just a simple woman who enjoys food, music, shopping and history.


I try to be a good person. I enjoy: martial arts, Japanese culture/pop culture, Sci-fi/fantasy, and being out in nature


I am new in Japan lets be friends and I want to learn more Japanese and I can teach you English if any

Wee Lin

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uni student on a holiday :) loves Disney, anime, ghibli, animation #id a week lol :D