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Japan Beaches

It is not the first kind of visit which comes to mind when we think about Japan, but it is obvious: the Japanese archipelago and its 33,000 kilometers of coasts offer without a doubt beautiful beaches from North to South.

On the East coast, the Pacific Ocean borders the "right" side of Japan, omote no Nihon. As for the "reverse" side of Japan, on the West coasts, it touches the Chinese and Japanese seas.

Most often, we can think about Okinawa and its heavenly landscapes almost automatically. Often considered as the Japanese Hawaii, its beaches like those of Kyushu (a little less in the South) remain the most popular ones.

It is the whole beaches of Japan which offer from places to places large sandy spaces, up to the famous Tottori dunes. Other regions are not pushed away as even Tokyo inhabitants can enjoy relaxing on beaches of Enoshima for example.

The services’ quality corresponds to what we could expect: showers, changing rooms, bathrooms, barbecues, trash bins and all sorts of stores (especially food, drinks or also snorkeling/diving gears), and on the most popular ones, lifeguards.

When the first heat waves arrive, do not hesitate to go relax on the Japanese beaches and try their surprisingly pleasant waters.

For your information, there are no nudist beaches in Japan.

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