Japan events calendar

In Japan, every season has special characteristics and its share of specific events. We chose to compile this in a calendar, month by month, to allow you to better plan your stay.

What are the holidays, festivals and matsuri, movie or cultural products outings, sports events and major concerts, or openings and renovations of buildings to visit?

Navigate in the period that interests you and serenely prepare your trip itinerary thanks to the Kanpai calendar.

Upcoming events

  • From 29 April to 5 May -- Japanese Golden Week
  • 12 May -- Mother's Day in Japan
  • 6 June -- Beginning of the rainy season (Tsuyu) in Japan
  • 21 June -- Summer starts in Japan
  • 1 July -- Season start for climbing Mount Fuji
  • 15 July -- Sea day / Umi no Hi in Japan (holiday)
  • From 16 to 17 July -- Gion Matsuri Festival in Kyoto
  • 17 July -- On July 17, 1868, Edo was renamed Tokyo.
  • 19 July -- End of rainy season (Tsuyu) in Japan
  • From 24 to 25 July -- Tenjin Matsuri Festival in Osaka