Weather in Japan: Free Forecasts and Temperatures

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Your trip in Japan is coming soon, or you are already there. You want to know how to dress up, if it will be hot and humid, or on the contrary cold and dry, if the wind will blow, or whether it will rain ☔️ or even snow? Or you are just curious about the Japanese weather, or climate in Japan at any given time of the year.

Japan is an archipelago where the weather varies a lot: rather vigourous in Hokkaido in the North, it becomes tropical in Okinawa at the extreme South. Seasons are generally quite marked and according to the period in which you travel, you will absolutely not have the same climate.

From this page, access weather forecasts for major cities and regions of Japan with temperatures, humidity (hygrometry), wind, risk of rain or snow.

What is the weather like in Japanese cities?

Click ont the link for the following cities to get free weather forecast for the next 10 days:

Data provided by 気象庁

More information about weather and climate in Japan

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