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Japan is a destination attracting an increasing number of foreign travelers, from all around the world. In 2017, for the first time, they were almost 30 millions to discover its territories, and these numbers keep on growing. If Asian people (Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese…) are the first tourists on the archipelago in numbers, Westerners are not that far away.

Going to Japan is not as difficult as it used to be some times ago, but it is important to inform yourself as much as possible in order to totally enjoy your travel in Japan. For this, we will offer you here essential information and will try to answer all your questions about this topic.

Thanks to Kanpai Japan, prepare your stay in Japan with serenity, travel without spending more than it needs. You can find all our guides here: visits in Japan, accommodation, transportation, phone and internet, japanese cooking, seasonal calendars and much more.

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In our complete Japan destinations' guide (see above): individual articles describing visits, with interactive maps and numerous practical information, illustrated with photos and videos, each and every one with recommendations and tips about sometimes less popular spots.

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