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Luggage in Japan

Hands-free travel is easy in Japan, where luggage delivery and storage services are quite developed:

  • Any traveler arriving early can entrust their luggage to their accommodation reception desk, where it will be watched until check-in;
  • With the famous Takkyubin delivery service, it is possible to send luggage between two addresses in Japan and have them delivered within 48 hours maximum;
  • There are plenty of storage luggage facilities, like coin lockers, in the country and especially in the train stations. They are trustworthy and offer a wide range of lockers sizes to fit anyone’s needs.

What to pack in your suitcase? You should prioritize personal belongings such as clothes, shoes and medication. Don’t bother with cosmetics or notebooks (paper is heavy) that you can buy in Japan in 100 Yens shops or in cute specialized shops.

Most rental apartments or houses include a washing machine. In any case, there are many launderettes across the country, at the building’s ground floor, near hotels or inns.

A rolling suitcase is a good choice to travel in Japan. Moving around in train stations or airports is easy as elevators and / or escalators are always available to access train platforms and boarding gates. A backpack is ideal for a hiking journey. Be careful, however, to keep your bag at your feet if taking a train or a subway during the rush hours.

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