Markets in Japan

Visiting markets in Japan is a good way to meet Japanese people and discover their cultural and cooking habits, in an easy-going and friendly atmosphere.

Flea markets, nomi no ichi, are widespread throughout Japan. They are usually held in temples and shrines grounds, on fixed dates, for example every first Sunday of the month. There, a wide range of souvenirs awaits visitors, at varied prices: from traditional tableware, to clothes, decoration objects, toys, etc. As in any flea market, the best deals are made early in the morning!

Among the most interesting ones in Tokyo is the Oedo Antique Market, with the largest outdoor antique markets at Tokyo International Forum, and the fashion and vintage clothes flea market in Yoyogi Park near Harajuku.

In Kyoto, Kitano Tenmangu shrine and Toji temple have their own second hand markets for kimono, ceramics, and various artisanal objects, as well as food stalls.

Food markets stimulate appetite and charm the eyes! They are the best way to discover new tastes and try different textures while offering a total change of scenery to visitors. As they are often indoor markets, under arched covered avenues, a bad weather day is ideal to visit them. Just indulge in skewered octopus, fried vegetables tempura, mochi rice cakes, sushi, furikake (Japanese condiments) or matcha tea.

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