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Weird Japan

Different from its neighbors, Japan stands out in the Asian landscape. Definitely urban, in the middle of a lively , even sometimes hostile, nature, the country surprises visitors by its fascinating culture, the beauty of its heritage and the high tech innovation in the everyday life.

Tokyo, the multifaceted capital, possesses numerous out of beaten path attractions. Some of its wards, typically Japanese, are to be visited when we are looking for unusual experiences. Also, some complete islands offer a unique scenery.

Japanese culinary art is rich in new tastes and textures. A great emphasis is placed on fresh and regional products: raw fish or shellfish, seaweed salads, rice with natto, and red bean (asuki) cakes, few examples among the numerous specialties to locally taste.

Regarding accommodation, typical hotels and other traditional guest houses give to travelers the idea to lose their marks!

Discover here our selection of restaurants, experiences and other authentic places to explore during a travel in Japan.

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