Luxury in Japan

The Exceptional and the Refined in the Archipelago

If Japan recently became an affordable travel destination, especially since the advent of the Internet, it goes without saying that many refined aspects and treasures stay out of the average traveler’s reach.

Sumptuous visits are plenty, some experiences being not only luxurious but exceptional, and not fitting in most of budgets, such as a dinner with a Geisha, a reservation at a star-rated chef’s restaurant, a helicopter ride above Mount Fuji or a travel aboard an upscale train throughout Japan.

Star-rated Japanese gastronomic restaurants and traditional lodging solutions such as ryokan inns guarantee their customers a top-notch service, based on the concept of hospitality (omotenashi), that is essential the Japanese people. The Japanese cultural heritage also offers insights of an idea of beauty and refinement that soothe the mind, with the discovery of regional and artisanal craftsmanship. Shopping opportunities are also plenty with Japanese and international luxury brands’ flagships stores in large cities.

We gathered here high-end destinations, products and services for travelers who wish spending accordingly to enjoy the upscale market in Japan to the fullest.

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