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Via Isshoni, which means "together" in Japanese, you can find travel companions to share time with you in Japan, whether for an entire trip or shorter times.

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  • Tokyo, Nikko - February 23, 2020 to March 1, 2020

    - Hello! I am Vinci, 29 from Manila and I will be in Tokyo (and probably Nikko) from February 22, 2020 until March 1, 2020 for leisure and sightseeing. So I have a quite flexible itinerary (: I'm looking for companion(s) to hangout with for a daytrip or so. If you're in...
  • Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo 2nd week of Feb 2020

    - 28F, first time solo travel in Japan. Would be great to meet up with some people for drinks and a chat for my first time solo travel in Japan, Tokyo or Osaka and maybe make a day trip together :) Do let me know if anyone is travelling to Japan around the same date
  • Fukuoka (April 2020) Looking for ppl to hang out

    - 25y female, from Malaysia (speak mandarin & english). Travelling to Fukuoka in the first half of April, budget trip & will be staying in backpacker hotel/hostel, nearby Hakata station. Plan to visit temples, parks (for cherry blossom), castle etc. Looking for ppl to...
  • Someone to meet up with in and around Tokyo late February, early March 2020

    - I'll be in Tokyo around the last week of February, and first week of March (2020). I'm just looking for someone who speaks at least some English to grab dinner or a beverage with on occasion. As it's my first trip to Japan, I'm pretty open to trying out everything from...
  • Going to Tokyo Jan 17-26th, 2020 Looking for people to hang out with

    - i don't really have any actual objectives or sight goals im really just winging it so if anyone knows anything around there ill be in Tokyo, staying in Arakawa.
  • Japan April 4 to April 18, 2020

    - Hey. I’m going to japan for the first time on April 4 till the 18th. I’m still not sure where I want to go but looking for someone too tag along for a bit if interested. I’m 36 and I speak French Spanish and English (living in Canada) I’m traveling solo and don’t have a...
  • Traveling to Tokyo and Kyoto June 1st until 17th 2020

    - Hi my name is jeroen, born in the netherlands, 39 of age and mixed dutch indonesian. Ill be traveling to tokyo japan from june 1st until the 8th. From there ill stay with a host family in kyoto until the 17th. Then ill head back to tokyo and fly back the next day. Would...
  • Japan trip in the first half of April 2020

    - Hey folks! I'm a 33 year old male German looking for a travel buddy. My travel dates are April 2nd to 19th, starting and ending in Tokyo. This will be my second visit to Japan, I have already covered spots like Kyoto and Hiroshima and I would intend to go northwards from...
  • April 2020: Tokyo - Nagoya - Kyoto - Osaka - Hiroshima

    - Hi Everyone! I'll be traveling Japan for a few weeks starting April 5 ish. First 5 days i'll be in Tokyo for an architecture conference and then I'll be making my way south. I'm a 31 yo guy from Australia, interested in the cultural landscape, social life and cities...
  • 16 day trip from 3rd to 19th of March 2020

    - Hi, I'm a 28 year old doctor of British/asian descent looking to experience Japan for the first time. I'll be spending 4 days each in Tokyo, then Kyoto, then Osaka and then finally another 4 days in Tokyo. I've paid all my own costs and have my own accommodation booked...

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