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Via Isshoni, which means "together" in Japanese, you can find travel companions to share time with you in Japan, whether for an entire trip or shorter times.

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  • In Japan from 31/3 - 10/4/2020, in both Osaka and Tokyo

    - Hello, looking for anyone planning to travel in around late march - early april! Planning to start from Osaka and end in Tokyo. Female in my 20s from Singapore. Interested in sightseeing (esp cherry blossoms), onsens, and food (no dietary restrictions). Doesn't have to...
  • Travel to Japan October 2020

    - Hey, i am searching for a travel Buddy to Japan. i want to stay a whole month there. I want to visit many cities and hope i can find someone here :) Nikol 21 Female German
  • Feb 29th 2020 Osaka

    - Hello, I'm a 26F looking for someone to go on a day trip with in Osaka on Feb 29th~! I can speak English, Cantonese, and a bit of Japanese. I'm there for a concert on the night of 28th so I might as well stay for the weekend but I have nothing else to do so I'm up for any...
  • First time in Japan. April 23 to May 2, 2020

    - Hi! I’m 33 male from USA. This will be my first time in Japan. I’m planning on visiting Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. I’m really easy going and I’d love to visit all the touristy stuff, try all the food. And have drinks in some local spots. Message me if you’re interested.
  • Ginzan onsen 23 Feb 2020 Daytrip

    - Hi im 28 from Brunei going to Ginzan Onsen on 23rd Feb for a daytrip. Looking for a travel companion to do sightseeing, hang out with and meals together. Hit me up if interested!
  • Japan April 2020 Hang Out

    - Hey guys! I’m Amber 25 from Scotland. I’m looking to go back to Japan for my 3rd time however this time try and catch the beautiful cherry blossoms. Looking for someone to hang out with during the trip. Looking to spend the majority of my time in Tokyo with a trip down to...
  • Tokyo 23 to 27 Feb 2020

    - Hello! I'm 37/m from Singapore and will be in Tokyo for a few days. I'm looking to do some sightseeing, some walking around, some hot ramen, some cool sashimi and definitely a sake or two.
  • Shinjuku Feb 8-9, 2020 Layover Partner

    - Hi there, going on a last minute request, I'll be by myself in Tokyo, Japan on Feb 8-9, 2020. Just want a travel buddy to explore Shinjuku and beyond with for less than a day. Up for awesome food and experiences.
  • Tokyo, Nikko - February 23, 2020 to March 1, 2020

    - Hello! I am Vinci, 29 from Manila and I will be in Tokyo (and probably Nikko) from February 22, 2020 until March 1, 2020 for leisure and sightseeing. So I have a quite flexible itinerary (: I'm looking for companion(s) to hangout with for a daytrip or so. If you're in...
  • Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo 2nd week of Feb 2020

    - 28F, first time solo travel in Japan. Would be great to meet up with some people for drinks and a chat for my first time solo travel in Japan, Tokyo or Osaka and maybe make a day trip together :) Do let me know if anyone is travelling to Japan around the same date

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