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Via Isshoni, which means "together" in Japanese, you can find travel companions to share time with you in Japan, whether for an entire trip or shorter times.

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Latest travel companions requests published

  • Looking for travel companion to Fuji Shibazakura (maybe 13may 2018) and alpine route (15 may)

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    Hi, I’m Irene, 29, currently looking for a friend to visit fuji shibazakura, fuji 5th station (maybe on 13th May)— but the schedule might be changed due to the weather. (Can be on 17th May). And for another trip to alpine route (15 May) and will be staying overnight at...
  • Travel between Kyoto and Fukuoka Sept 8-22, 2018

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    Scandinavian man looking to hang out with locals and foreigners during my travels between Sept 8 and 22. Sightseeing, temples, onsen, eating, a beer, a cup of sake... Will touch down in Osaka Sept 8 and fly out from Fukuoka on Sept 23rd.
  • Traveling to Japan in September 2018

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    hello everyone, I am Harun a 28 year young man. I was born and raised in Amsterdam Holland. I have been to Japan twice in the past. Japan is a fantastic country with very nice people. I want to stay 16 to 30 days this time and my budget is 3000 euros. It would be nice to...
  • Hokkaido - scenery/food/hiking April-May 2018

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    Hi. I am David, 24 years old, going to Sapporo/Hokkaido for a brief exchange from 16th April to 18th May, 2018. I am from Hong Kong. I would like to find travel buddies who like scenery/eatery/hiking from 28th April to 6th of May, which is the national holiday of Japan...
  • Travel mates for May 2018 to Japan! Preferably around the Tokyo and Kyoto areas :)

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    Hey guys I'm a 24 year old girl from canada and I'd like to find some friends who are also going to japan in may to travel with. I'm very easy going and I just want to have a fun time and see at least some of Japan's amazing sites! I've never been there before and i'm...
  • Looking for travel mates around May 2018 to see Tokyo and Kyoto!

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    Hey guys I've never been to japan before and I would love to tour around with people, make new friends and experience Japan's beautiful sites!!! I'll get there sometime between the 1st and the 17th of May and I'll stay 2-3 weeks. Please message me if you're going around...
  • A Harry Potter fan who wants to visit Universal Studio Japan Osaka with me in March 2018

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    Hi my name is Fatimah. I’m a 24 year old student, female, living in a small town southern Japan called Ube. Its been about 5 months now. I really really REALLY want to visit Universal Studios Japan because I’m a diehard fan of Harry Potter. Hopefully someone out there...
  • In Tokyo from 27 feb. To 9th march 2018

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    Hey everyone I am a girl 24 from France/Germany I have lived 6 months in Japan and now coming back for fun enjoy and relaxing Time ! Let s karaoké together, arcades, visit explore the funniest parts of Tokyo :) i do speak à little Japanese. Planned to visite Ghibli...
  • Tokyo 3-8 March, 2018

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    Eploring the streets of Tokyo with me. I like walking im new areas. Let's stop at some subway station and walk around for a couple of hours together. I am also interested in visiting modern art museums, eating out and finding small, cool local bars for a drink. Please...
  • Travelling to Kyoto end may 2018

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    Hi im a Singaporean female. Im looking for travel companion for the kyoto part of my trip to japan! I'll be in Kyoto around 28-31may 2018.

Requests still without companions

  • High school teacher heading to Japan June 2018

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    travel companion for part or all of the 22 days visiting, Tokyo,hakone,kyoto,osaka,hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • Trip to Hokkaido 3-10Nov 1017

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    Hi there, we are 2 guys aged 30 from Singapore going on a trip to Hokkaido on 3-10Nov 2017. We are looking to travel from chitose airport to the Hakodate area including Lake Toya and Noboribetsu en...
  • Travel companion for mountain trip in Japan 2nd week of Oct 17

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    hi there, i am traveling to Japan 2nd week of Oct 17, am looking for a travel companion to travel by train to Takaragawa Onsen and spend time a couple of nights there, activities are mainly light...
  • Japan Mar/Apr 2018

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    Travelling to Japan from 19/3 - 5/4. Looking for outgoing, adventurous travel buddy. Planning to hunt for all types of food, drinking and clubbing when in Tokyo.
  • Okinawa by car in December 2017

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    I am a 25 year old male. Fair and athletic. Indian, lived in US (San Francisco) for a couple years and in Japan (Tokyo) for 3 years now. I can speak 5 languages fluently including Japanese and...