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The mountain at the gates of Tokyo

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Renovation works at Rinno-ji temple: under scaffoldings from 2007 to March 202, but is open to the visit

To the north of Tokyo, the small town of Nikko (90,000 inhabitants) is popular with tourists for its beautiful landscapes, temples and shrines, some of which are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Its lovely mountainous area makes it a popular trip out of the capital. Also, for those who are seeking it, it is easy to see snow here.

The journey from Tokyo is not very long and if you organise it properly, it is possible to visit several of its main points of interest in a single day. It is also possible to spend a night there to enjoy its many onsen ♨️ (natural hot springs).

As you leave the station, the easiest way to start is by heading to the Shinkyo bridge and walking for a quarter of an hour. From there, go into the National Park to visit the five major temples and shrines: Toshogu, Rinno-ji (Taiyuin and Sanbutsudo) Kan-mangafuchi and Futarasan.

Going over the plateau, you come to the Okunikko area around Lake Chuzenji, another one of the region’s must-see tourist destinations.

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