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As it is not always easy to find the time to thoroughly prepare a trip, or to select destinations for an in-depths discovery of Japan, the best solution is to seek assistance from an expert travel agency like Keikaku. Browse through their customized services or let them organize your travel.

Japan's Picture of the Day
Statue of Hachiko the loyal dog in Shibuya (Tokyo)
Hachiko The Statue of Shibuya’s Faithful Dog
Hachiko is the name of an Akita dog, born in 1923 and died in 1935 in Tokyo. His story celebrates the animal’s loyalty to his owner. A statue of the dog was erected in 1934 near Shibuya station and is used nowadays as a rendezvous by Tokyo’s inhabitants.
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Kanpai provides a lot of information on Japan and traveling in Japan. We gathered here the most useful hints for your trips in the archipelago.

Events Calendar
From August 12 to 15
Awa Odori Festival in Tokushima, Shikoku
August 15
Anniversary date of Japan's surrender in 1945
August 16
Daimon-ji fires in Kyoto
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