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Japanese Music

The Intersection of Ancient Roots and International Trends 

Traditional music

Of Chinese inspiration, the Japanese traditional music accompanies the other older art forms, such as: Shinto ceremonies, Buddhist chantings, dance performances, and theater plays. The music is played with typical instruments, among which:

  • The taiko drum,
  • The shamisen lute,
  • The shakuhachi flute, and,
  • The koto harp.

Nowadays, traditional and folk songs are remembered thanks to the festivals (matsuri), during which traditional marching bands play a major role. Some regions in Japan have even developed distinctive melodies, such as in Okinawa. In the sub-tropical archipelago, music is mainly played with a local version of the lute, the sanshin, and drums, and songs tell the rural life of the inhabitants.

Contemporary music

Contemporary music is very popular in the archipelago and is blooming in various styles: J-pop, J-rock, Hip-hop and electronic music that are even acknowledged worldwide. Anime soundtracks, whether soft and childlike tunes or totally rock compositions are fans’ favorites.

Japanese idols (female artists who can sing and act) are a unique phenomenon. They can enjoy a relatively long career if they succeed to renew themselves while cultivating an eternal youth!

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