Japanese lessons

Learning Spoken and Written Japanese Language

Unlike a preconceived idea, the Japanese language is not that difficult to learn, at least orally. Writing in Japanese, on the other hand, requires a lot more skills, as it is necessary to use kanji (Japanese ideograms). The official kanji list indeed includes more than two thousand characters to use in the daily life.

When starting to learn how to write Japanese, the first step is to assimilate the two "kana" syllabic systems (Hiragana and Katakana), and from there gradually expands one’s knowledge.

The lessons on Kanpai focus on the language’s basics and useful tips for understanding a daily conversation in Japanese.

Patience and dedication are therefore the main qualities of a student in Japanese language, especially when learning to work or study in Japan. The learning process might sometimes feel very unrewarding due to the amount of knowledge to assimilate, but it is a necessity to better understand a culture and ways of thinking that are so different and so fascinating.

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