Foodie / Relax / Explore / Interested in Fuji Mountain area or Hokkaido in mid Aug 2018

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I am mid 30 woman from Taiwan who speaks fluent English, fluent Mandarin & Taiwanese, basic German and a little bit Japanese. I plan to visit Japan from 11th to 22nd AUG and wanna explore some parts I haven't been, it will be my 10th trip to Japan and this time I prefer a relaxing trip and a friendly travel companion who is up to eat authentic Japanese food and drink sake with, I don't mind to do some activities solo and get together for meals only. I mean, everyone got its own bucket list to fill in and sometimes I just wanna stare at a deer for hours. :P Art gallery, cafe, shrines, hot spring, natures I could take all in. FYI I am not exactly a backpacker and if you could drive I would vote for Hokkaido!

By Jessica Posted on July 11, 2018 Related topics:
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July 12, 2018

Hey Jessica. I am 30 from Germany and speak German and English. Not perfect. I'm off in August and wanted to travel to Japan again. So far I have been there 3x. Unfortunately, the temperatures in August are a bit frightening, so my choice fell on Hokkaido. I've seen that the rail network is not that good there, maybe better by car. I love Japanese food, Sake too. But also wants to discover the north of Japan, in the nature and coast, but also the cities. Is your period fixed? 11th would go, would be a bit stressful; a week later would be better for me. If you are interested, get in touch.

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July 21, 2018

Hi Jessica, I'm almost the same age as you. My name is Michal. I study in overseas, this time I would like to take a short break in August to travel to Japan.
I have a flight to go to Sapporo on 15th Aug and I will stay in Japan until 23rd Aug. I still do not have any plan yet, just want to enjoy the life in Hokkaido and stay in touch with nature.
I had been lived in Japan for the half year in 2012. I love Japanese culture and their language, even though I cannot say my Japanese is really fluent, as I am still learning. Basically, I can speak Mandarin, English, Japanese and Cantonese.
I love to drink and eat sashimi. Therefore, I do not mind you suggest some of the nice restaurants, pubs or markets that we can go together.
However, I am not a crazy shopping person, so I will skip that activity and let you go for it if you really want to. Please feel free to do something you want, we definitely can meet together for meals or travel to some sightseeing points together.
Unfortunately, I can't drive, but I suggest that we can join the local tour then we can reach some sightseeing points.
FYI. I am a woman, not a man. /I do not mind joining you and any other friends.
If you are interested, get in touch by email at

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