Japan in 20 April - 19 May 2019

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I have booked Manchester-Tokyo return flights...first time in Japan.
If your dates are overlapping mine, please do get in touch.
I am a doctor by trade and also pilot by hobby.
My main hobby, however, is travelling...without intent!
It would be nice to have English speaking traveling companion in Japanese speaking country!

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Eva Calder
February 04, 2019
14:33 EST

I plan on going mid april. Want to keep in contact and talk travel?

February 04, 2019
16:46 EST

Thanks for your reply.
Great, I land in Tokyo on the morning of 21st.
Have you booked your flights already?

This platform is somewhat tedious - please feel free to email me on saurabhgandhi@hotmail.com

February 04, 2019
17:08 EST

I havent picked my dates yet. What sort of activities are you interested in?

February 05, 2019
01:12 EST

It will certainly be a mixture of touristy stuff (3 big cities) and venturing out in semi-rural areas as well as a few hikes?
I did 400 km famous Spanish pilgrimage walk (El Camino) last year! So I may possibly consider pilgrimage walk on Shoku Island, albeit only a few kilometres.

All I know for now is that the first 4-5 days will be in Tokyo. I have browsed quite a few sites and blogs and leaning towards 21 day itinerary suggested on Japan-Guide.Com, which will need some modifications. This platform is giving me trouble posting picture of that itinerary.

Please feel free to email me on saurabhgandhi@hotmail.com if interested. I also use WhatsApp a lot, if that suits.


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