Looking for travel companion in Tokyo/ Kyoto Mid September 2019

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It's my first time in Japan and I'm looking for a travel companion for Tokyo/Kyoto mid September.

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Matti Samuel Levy
July 23, 2019
17:40 EDT

Hey, I'm planning a trip to Kyoto/ Nara/ Osaka/ Hiroshima from mid september, feel free to message my email: matooshki@gmail.com

July 23, 2019
19:33 EDT

Hi Matti
What are your dates?
Im in Tokyo 6-14 with a few days in Kyoto in btw.

Matti Samuel Levy
July 24, 2019
19:48 EDT

Between the 13-29 of september probably, Might start later

August 19, 2019
19:10 EDT

Hi sorry just saw this I’m there 6-14

August 19, 2019
11:36 EDT

hi...im indonesian 30
planning to explore tokyo and mount fuji 5lakes on 11-14 september

August 19, 2019
19:10 EDT

May be up for Mount Fuji on Friday 13 .. r u doing a day trip or going on your own ?

September 04, 2019
01:03 EDT

how many days is your itinerary on mount fuji? i might be interested to join in. currently i'm in suwa,nagano.

September 08, 2019
13:45 EDT

What are your dates now? :)

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