Planning a short trip to Japan at the beginning of August 2018! Looking for female Muslim travelers

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Hello there!

You can call me, Celly. I'm 22 year old female from the U.S. I've been thinking about going to Japan for quite some time and I'm finally planning on going for a short trip in August. This will be my first time going there and my Japanese at the moment isn't the best (I'm an absolute beginner) so I'm a bit nervous. I'm planning on visiting Tokyo and Osaka. It would be great if I could also see Kyoto, but in such a short period of time (1 week), I strongly doubt that that will happen. I am Muslim, Masha Allah, so I don't eat pork (as well as other stuff) or consume alcohol, but Alhamdulillah there are lots of Halal shops. And of course, I don't go to parties and such.. Welp, you're probably thinking, that I'm a wet blanket, haha.. But apart from not dancing and listening to music at parties and eating pork, etc, there are still tooooons of stuff to do! There are amusement parks, Halal restaurants, going bowling, going to museums, shopping, going go karting, going to onsens, going to Muslim-friendly tea ceremonies, trying on Kimonos and more!

**Also, there are certain times throughout the day when I have to pray**

Will keep everyone updated on whether I'm officially going or not, the preferred dates, etc.

By Celly M. Posted on May 31, 2018 Related topics:
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June 04, 2018

My dear friend how RU? Thanks for your message I like your interest

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June 07, 2018

You don't have a husband??

U know itn aint good if u go without a male accompanying..

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July 22, 2018

Alhamdullilah enjoy your trip to Japan. You can refer to Halal Japan app to find Muslim friendly places in Japan. Japan is a safe place to travel.

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