Solo travelling Japan from 7th to 11th April 2019!

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25 yr old Singaporean Male here. I will be travelling with my friends for 2 weeks till 7th April, where they would be leaving early, and i would be extending my trip myself. I would be starting out from Tokyo, and am currently unsure of any itinerary after the 7th. My main interest would be finding cheap and awesome food experiences, but I am pretty much open to ideas as I have not fixed anything yet. I am not really looking for a looking consistent travel partner, but I am interested in meeting up for a meal or activities if our schedules and interest meets. Tentatively looking for travel partners around my age group, but do hit me regardless:)

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January 11, 2019
01:15 EST

Might be planning to do a cycling trip btw, if anyone is interested haha

February 27, 2019
01:13 EST

hi im gotta be in tokyo on 4th april, i like shopping especially for japanese denim! lets catch up!

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