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A traveller, Nature Lover, Minimalist, Back-packer, Spiritual, OSHO lover, Buddha Lover,


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Mature man, perfectionist with good sense of humor


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Pure Japanese in Tokyo. Lived in Australia for few years.


I'm a lawyer living in Milan, Italy. I love painting, reading, running and dancing. I'm fascinated by Japanese culture, customes, philosophy....I've never been in Japan, but just 'cause I'm a bit worried about flying...;) But I would like to find a friend (in my city there are a lot of Japaneses), who helps me to overwhelm my fear of flying, by telling me how interesting and impressive could be visit Japan....:)


Retired maintenance mechanic


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25 y/o F about to start health professional school. Lover of Japan since 13 years old. Love learning about new cultures and languages, trying new food, meeting new interesting people.


I love Japan and wish to visit there some day. However, I do not want to go there and not be able to speak Japanese well enough to get by. I also want to learn Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. I have a little knowledge of some words and pronunciations. My interests include, Singing (I am a singer), Dancing and all of the arts, Gaming, Anime, Manga, Business, Music (nearly all types), Culture and sooo much more. Let's have a chat! Arigatou gozaimasu!


はじめまして、私和 プラカス です、インド人 です。よんじゅさんっさい です。 ムンバイ に 住んで います。日本語の学生です。I am energy management Professional , Studying Japanese language, Intermediate level, looking for penfriend who like to teach 日本語。私和 英語 に じょうず です。

Roy Yee

Currently residing in Yokohama, Japan. Looking for travel buddies!




Fun loving adventurous and love to meet new people


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I am visiting Japan in November 2018 and would like to have a travel companion (Japanese if possible) to go with me to Kyushu or Tohuku over a 1 or 2 week period. Location and time is dependent on who can join me since I don't like traveling alone. I am interested in visiting various onsen and trying food of the area. Traveling with someone is more fun since we can learn about each other's culture and also have a nice memory together. If you are interested, please let me know. Have a nice day!


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25 years old female who love traveling and meeting new people from everywhere.


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