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Useful Travel Apps in Japan

For iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

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Due to the widespread availability of free Wi-Fi hotspots and the use of Pocket Wi-Fi, most visitors can now use their smartphones 📱 or tablets while traveling in Japan. To make your trip easier, you will find below a selection of the most interesting and convenient travel apps.

Note: Most of the apps listed below are in English and sometimes display Japanese language content. Moreover, access to or the ability to download some apps might be restricted in some territories.



Several apps have been developed to help travelers save their flight ✈️ information, expedite check-in procedures, or check possible or current flight delays. The two main Japanese airlines companies have their own apps:

Most overseas companies serving Japan also have apps:

  • Delta Air Lines (free – iOS / Android)
  • United Airlines (free – iOS / Android)
  • Hawaiian Airlines (free – iOS / Android)
  • HK EXPRESS (free – iOS / Android)
  • Qantas Airways (free – iOS / Android)
  • Companies members of the Star Alliance network, including Air Canada, Air New-Zealand (free – iOS / Android)

In addition, the following may be helpful:

  • Takeoff Mode ANA (free – iOS) helps anxious passengers during take-off.
  • Tabimori (free – iOS / Android) helps visitors navigate Narita Airport and provides additional tips for traveling in Japan.

Trains and subway

Newcomers can easily be taken aback by Japan’s complex transportation network. Some apps provide assistance:

  • Hyperdia (free 30-day trial version – iOS / Android) is a reference for all your trips in Japan with any company.
  • JR East Train 🚅 Info (free – iOS / Android) offers information on the national rail network in Tokyo, in Kanto and Tohoku.
  • Japan Travel Navitime (free – iOS / Android)


  • Japan Taxi Fare Calculator (free – iOS / Android) gives an estimate of the cost of a taxi ride beforehand.


The following are much-needed apps, as most streets in Japan do not have names:

  • Apple Maps and Google Maps (free – built-in apps)
  • mTrip Tokyo (paid app – iOS / Android) includes an offline mode, augmented reality, and more.
  • Japan Map (free – iOS)
  • Maps.me (free – iOS / Android) is totally offline, so maps must be downloaded before departure.
  • CityMaps2Go (free – iOS / Android) includes a convenient offline mode.


  • Happy Cow (paid app – iOS / Android) is helpful for vegans.
  • Halal Gourmet Japan (free – iOS / Android) is specially designed for Muslim travelers and also provides tips for vegetarians.



  • Yurekuru Call (free - iOS / Android) and Safety Tips (free - iOS / Android) provide notifications and information about earthquakes.
  • Currency Converter Plus (free - iOS / Android) converts yen to US dollars or any currency in real time.


  • Line (free - iOS / Android) is the most widely used social app in Japan.
  • Yomiwa (paid app - iOS / Android) reads pictures you take of Japanese characters; you can even use it offline.
Updated on November 14, 2019 - Les applications utiles en voyage au Japon