Entrance of Enishi residence in Kakunodate with two Akita-dogs

Enishi (Review)

The Beautiful Akita-inu Dogs House in Kakunodate

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Enishi is a homestay lodging (minpaku) in the heart of Kakunodate’s historical samurai district, in Akita prefecture, in the north of Japan. Travelers are welcomed by the friendly owner and her two Akita-inu, the iconic dog of the region. This beautiful place is a typical and comfortable Japanese house that accommodates those who stop by to discover the little town.

Enishi house recalls the large traditional houses of the Japanese countryside. Its two floors have been recently renovated for a comfortable and warm stay in Kakunodate. One must take off shoes in the vestibule upon entering the house. The main space includes a living room area, a dining room, and a kitchen. Decoration is simple, with exposed wooden beams, and a stove in the middle of the room to warm up the frequent cold days.

The minpaku is divided into three rooms, each with a specific arrangement:

  • The first room under the roof reminds of a cabane and is well suited for younger travelers, as the beds are placed under the roof slopes,
  • The second one is of a more Western style, with two large convenient beds, but few decorations,
  • The third one is the largest, in Japanese style with a small cozy tatami living room area, beside the futons used during the night.

The rooms are perfectly clean and dedicated only for the guests. The host provides towels, soap, and shampoo in the shower room, that is to be shared by all the guests.

Enishi Minpaku in Kakunodate, a room 2

A pleasant and friendly atmosphere

The Japanese owner does not hesitate to serve coffee and chat leisurely with the travelers. She has a very good command of English and knows her city so well that she can give some very useful advices. She takes the time to appropriately welcome her guests at her house.

Her favorite topic, however, is her passion for Akita dogs. Very knowledgeable, she is keen to talk about it, and how she became the owner of two Akita dogs, after taking a specific course, mandatory in Japan. She takes great care of her beloved dogs and does not spare hugs and pets.

Pictures of the two dogs and a couple of trinkets themed on animals provide a natural decoration to the house. The warm and kawaii aspect of the place is also mainly due to the two cute fur balls living with the minpaku’s owner.

Enishi Minpaku in Kakunodate, Akita-dogs

🐕 Meet the dogs Suchan & Fujiko

Suchan, the quiet male and Fujiko the playful female are the two lovely Akita dogs of Enishi residence. They form a couple; they are one year apart and are getting along very well. It is fun to watch them snuggling, or playing together. They bark a little to warn their owner when someone stops by the house. But they are used to see new people and they like to be pet on the head.

Fujiko likes to play with men, and she can be a bit rough, as she likes to hold tightly or nibble arms, and she will lick your face if you get it too close to her snout. Suchan does the same things but with women. Pictures with the dogs are permitted but you will get a hard time keeping them focused.

Lastly, it is possible, and even recommended to go walk the dogs with their owner. She keeps them on a leash, but it does not prevent them to enjoy the outing. It is the perfect occasion to visit the traditional district, up to the sakura 🌸 tunnel, popular in spring and located near Hinokinai River.

Travelers who stay in Enishi will enjoy a great encounter with its owner and her doggy friends. The location is also conveniently located in the touristic heart of Kakunodate.

This article was written after tour sponsored and organized by Akita and Aomori prefectures to promote destination #feeltohoku. Kanpai has been invited and guided but keeps a total freedom of editorial content.

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