Checking out Tokyo July 2019

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Hey what's up, I'm a 20 year old dude from Cali looking to check out Tokyo. I'll be staying here July 9 - 16 at a hostel. I really don't have a specific set of things I want to do during my stay and I'm pretty much up for whatever. So, if you're around my age and down to hang out, try new things or check out the nightlife, shoot me a message.


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October 05, 2019
11:28 EDT

Yo! I'm living in Australia (originally from Philippines) atm and plan on staying in Japan around July 2-14. I'll be 20 years old before I leave my trip so I'm kinda planning to find people around my age to hang out and explore Japan (and/or specifically Tokyo) as well! Can so-and-so speak Japanese (common expressions) so if you get in a tight spot, I'll find a way to understand! I'm a bit of a light drinker though, so I'm not that fun at parties but since we're going to Japan I'll give an extra consideration.

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