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Things to Do in Japan in July

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July is the starting month for matsuri, Japan’s summer festivals. Numerous hanabi (fireworks 🎆) regularly occur in the cities, on riverbanks, and in the mountains, mostly on weekends. During the cooler evenings, Japanese people enjoy relaxing over drinks, eating meat skewers like yakitori, or following nocturnal parades. Meanwhile, the summer cicadas signal the students’ well-deserved summer vacation.

Tourism statistics

More tourists visit Japan during July than almost any other month. School summer vacations in Western countries strongly encourage families and groups of friends to visit Japan for about fifteen days on average, though some people stay longer.

Tourists usually travel across the country and do not hesitate to venture outside the main cities to discover the lush nature and Japan’s traditional heritage. Southern destinations, such as Hiroshima or Shikoku and Kyushu islands, also receive an influx of tourists. Therefore, booking accommodations in advance is essential to ensure comfortable travel.

The National Japan Rail Pass is an interesting compromise that allows visitors to travel freely on the JR network’s numerous railways. Private bus companies also offer transportation passes for several days of highway travel—less expensive for sure, but less comfortable and quite time consuming.

Climate and weather

Tsuyu ☔️ rainy season covers the major part of the month and officially ends on July 19. Afterward comes heat and high humidity. Typhoons 🌀 can form at the beginning of summer, even if the risk is higher the following months. Clouds are numerous and dense, and they sometimes obscure beautiful views, such as the one on Mount Fuji 🗻.

The Kansai and Kanto areas experience high average temperatures from 27 to 31°C (80.6 to 87.8°F). Along the Pacific coast, the ocean’s temperature often exceeds 20°C (68°F). In the north, Hokkaido offers cooler weather at around 25°C (77°F).

National public holidays

July has only one unworked public holiday:

  • Third Monday in July -- 海の日 umi no hi, Marine Day

Another important memorial day is celebrated in the capital:

  • July 17 -- Tokyo Day, the day on which Edo was renamed Tokyo in 1868

Top things to do

In summer, days' outings can be extended in the evening. After sightseeing, tourists continue their discovery of the country through the Japanese summer nightlife: dance festivals, fireworks, fairground stalls or beer 🍺 garden.

Below is a list of Japanese seasonal attractions and events in July:

Date What to do Where Related
July 1 to 15 Attend the Hakata Gion Yamakasa festival, including the impressive float race on the last day; the race starts at 5 a.m. in front of Kushida Shrine Fukuoka Event
First weekend in July Participate in the Aizen Festival at the eponymous temple Osaka Event
From early July Climb Mount Fuji, preferably at night, to see the sunrise; the climbing season lasts until the end of August Mount Fuji Hiking
July 7 Enjoy the Tanabata 🎋 Matsuri aka the Star Festival and admire colorful street decorations Everywhere in Japan Tradition
July 9 to 23 Attend the Grand Sumo Tournament at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium Nagoya Tradition
July 13 to 15 Celebrate Obon, the Buddhist Festival of the Dead around a fire 🔥 with sutras prayers Everywhere in Japan Religion
July 15 to 17 Participate in Gion Matsuri’s big events, happening day and night around Shijo Dori and Yasaka Shrine Kyoto Event
Around July 17 Participate in Shimokitazawa’s summer district festival in its eastern part by enjoying numerous games and food stalls Tokyo Event
July 24 and 25 Follow the parade of illuminated boats during Tenjin Matsuri Osaka Event
July 28 In the evening, attend Fudo-in temple’s walk of ashes performed by yamabushi priests during the Tanukidani ceremony Kyoto Religion
Last Saturday in July Discover Okinawa’s traditional dances during the Eisa Festival at Shinjuku Station's east and west exits Tokyo Event
Last weekend in July Admire beautiful fireworks on the Sumida River with Tokyo SkyTree in the background Tokyo Event
Last weekend in July Go to the open-air Fuji Rock festival at Naeba ski resort Yuzawa (Niigata) Event
Last weekend in July Attend street performances and the release of lanterns 🏮 at the harbor during the Tide Festival Otaru (Hokkaido) Event
All month long Try a traditional Japanese meal above a refreshing river Kibune (Kyoto) Food
All month long Enjoy summer foods: cold soba noodles, unagi eel, fresh fruit (watermelon and peaches), and kakigori 🍧 flavored ice Everywhere in Japan Food
All month long Enjoy beaches 🏖 on the Pacific coast or on the Sea of Japan coast, or visit a water sport theme park 🎡, such as Tokyo Summerland Everywhere in Japan Leisure
All month long Hike across Hokkaido national parks and enjoy cooler weather with lush nature Hokkaido Hiking

Travel packing tips

Choose light and comfortable clothes to stay cool despite the heat and rain. Do not forget your swimsuit. Hikers should pack a complete set of equipment, including hiking shoes with ankle support, protective gloves, and a warmer jacket for mountain peaks.

During matsuri season, even tourists can wear yukata 👘 (cotton kimonos) to wander the streets in the evenings. The hot, humid weather is a good reason to buy a pretty and efficient Japanese fan.

Do not forget mosquito repellent cream or spray, as well as a good sunscreen, sunglasses, and a cap.

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