Exploring Japan July 2019

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Hey, I'm a 37 year old male from Australia heading solo to Japan from mid to end July (13-30).

I will be starting in Tokyo and heading my way south (poosibly all the way to Okinawa), steering clear of the larger cities (at the moment) as this is my 6th trip to Japan and I am focusing on seeing places not seen previously. I am happy to alter my itinerary to incorporate some of the major, typical attractions if this is your first time though - am ok with playing a bit of tour guide :-) I speak enough Japanese to get by.

I'm a quiet person - not a big party person - but open to possibilities. Basically just looking to share accommodation costs and some company on the trip.

Let me know if you want to explore Japan with me


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June 13, 2019
05:45 EDT

I will be in Japan around same time as you and could possibly meet up for part of the time. Let me know...

Michael Henderson
July 01, 2019
21:52 EDT

Hey Katrina - for some reason I only just gor your reply! Do you have an itinerary in mind..?

Michael Henderson
July 01, 2019
22:06 EDT

email me - mehenderson82@gmail.com - might be easier direct than through here...

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