My first trip to Japan: March 26 - April 11, 2019

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Who I am: Greetings! My name is Landon. I am 23 years old and currently live in Petaluma, CA. I currently work in marketing for a solar panel installation company, and am a part-time actor on stage and screen. After several years of saving up, I finally had the chance to take a trip to Japan!

The Travel Period: I plan on traveling from San Francisco to Osaka on March 26th, 2019, and returning on April 11th. During that 17 day period, I plan on staying within Osaka for the first 3 days, and using a 2 week JR pass to traverse the country, staying at various hostels, hotels and any generous offerings for couch-surfing for the remainder of my trip.

My Itinerary, my Budget and Hosting: I plan on seeing a majority of Japans urban sprawl with some of its beautiful countryside in between. Starting in Osaka, Kobe and greater Kyoto area the first week, and later headed East Ending in Tokyo for the last week. Then I'll be hightailing it back to Osaka for my departing flight. I'm trying to stick to a modest budget, to experience as much as possible versus anything high-end. I'm not too picky!
I really hope to see the major cultural sites and holes-in-the-wall that Japan has to offer. If I can even trek up or around Mount Fuji, that would be an experience of a lifetime! I plan to spend my last week or so around Tokyo so I have plenty of time there to look at several of its many districts. If there are also any great Surfing spots for beach-going Californians like myself can visit that would be amazing!

I don't have any allergies to any foods nor wildlife. I like to go to bed not too late at night and get up fairly early in the morning to get ready for the day. I also plan on carrying a large backpack filled with just about everything I need for my trip; nothing too fancy, really.

For my companion(s): I don't travel well with large groups, so 1-3 people tagging along would be great! Either Male or Female, Ages around 21-30, those who are fairly knowledgeable and dependable for a first-timer like myself to be confident in. Where I can be laid back and not have to worry too much during my stay!

Thank you, and I hope to hear a response fairly soon and get a better idea of what to expect and better plan for my upcoming trip to Japan!

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March 10, 2019

Hello Landon
Pls answer quickly,
I'm Johann 24 from germany and it will be my first time in Japan.

Thats exactly what i wanna do as well. Just enjoying my time in Japan with a lot of cultural influence, good food and meeting some locals. "Starting in Osaka, Kobe and greater Kyoto area the first week, and later headed East Ending in Tokyo for the last week" These are my words. So why not team up? I will arrive in Osaka at the 21st and fly home at the 17th from Tokyo. Our time schedules are perfect.

As a person i would describe myself as a calm person, who isnt looking for a lot of action, if it involves more than two persons. I want to get to know the personality and the person itself not just hanging around without getting to know each other.

If you write me, i will give you my phone so we can communicate before met in Japan ;)

With best greetings

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