Hokkaido, Japan April 29th-May12th - Hiking, Camping, Cherry Blossoms

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Hi Everyone, I am from Sydney, M 58. I am making my first trip to Japan, and Hokkaido in particular. Hoping to catch the Cherry Blossoms and to do some amazing hiking, camping and exploring. Would love to have like-minded adventurous companion(s) who can speak basic Japanese cos I cant :(. Flexible with dates, budget, accommodation, food etc as my aim is just to go with the flow and enjoy my experience hiking in Japan. I have not worked out any detailed itinerary or plans yet as I hope to find like-minded hiking companion(s) and then align arrangements. Thanks. Den

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March 06, 2019
22:25 EST

hi i would be interested in this trip i don't speak japanese but have done a few trips to japan including a few hiking trips down south.
i have been thinking about a hiking trip to japan so this might be a good start for me then continue on after down south again (love that area)
i have never been to the north of japan so this would be cool to force me out of my comfort zone.
i am a australian male about 36 and love the outdoors.
kind regards

March 07, 2019
01:09 EST

Thanks Duulf. The company would be welcome if our dates align. Let's keep in touch. My email is den8877n@gmail.com. I choose those dates so that i can catch the Cherry Blossom season in Hokkaido, and I choose Hokkaido because its got some great hiking trails and is less crowded compared to down south. But would also love to tick up hiking up Mt Fuji.
Keep in touch and lets see if anyone else also express interest.

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