Japan April 2020 Hang Out

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Hey guys! I’m Amber 25 from Scotland. I’m looking to go back to Japan for my 3rd time however this time try and catch the beautiful cherry blossoms. Looking for someone to hang out with during the trip. Looking to spend the majority of my time in Tokyo with a trip down to Kyoto. I can suggest some places to go based on previous years and I think I have the trains down!

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February 12, 2020
08:54 EST

I’ll be in Japan from April 23 to may 2. Let me know if you’ll be there during that time. I’m a first timer so I’d love to hang out with someone who’s been there before. :)

Malia McLaughlin
February 18, 2020
16:36 EST


Ive been planning my first trip to Japan for April 1st through the 9th. My former travel partner cannot go for personal reasons. This would be my first trip. Flight, hotel, local guide are already paid. Planning to see Tokyo, Nikko and Kyoto.

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