Japan April 4 to April 18, 2020

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Hey. I’m going to japan for the first time on April 4 till the 18th. I’m still not sure where I want to go but looking for someone too tag along for a bit if interested. I’m 36 and I speak French Spanish and English (living in Canada) I’m traveling solo and don’t have a huge budget so probably staying in hostels. I’m open for any activities would really like to go to tottori sand dunes and ride a camel. Hit me up if interested. We don’t need to stick together the whole time. Just looking to hang out and some activities

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January 17, 2020
06:33 EST

If you go to Tottori, try to go to Izumo, too. The great shrine there is awesome.
I will be in Japan around the same time (from 6th to 28th) but already prepared and booked my tour.

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