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Nagoya is a big city of Japan, the capital of Aichi prefecture in the Chubu region, on the main island of Honshu. The city is made of sixteen districts including Minato in the South-West, home of the industrial port, on the edge of Ise bay. With a density of 7,000 inhabitants per square kilometer, its economical power is stronger today than its touristic appeal.

Although shunned by foreign visitors, Nagoya happens to be the 4th city in terms of demography, just after Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. With 2.27 millions of inhabitants and up to 9 millions within its suburbs, it is the biggest megacity of Chubu, this broad region between Kansai and Kanto. It even ranks as the 3rd in terms of surface.

Fully rebuilt after the Second World War bombings, the gridded topography of the city opens up on more pleasant districts such as the port, Sakae or the castle, most of them reachable thanks to a convenient network of five subway lines.

Nagoya can make an enjoyable stopover between the two main touristic attractions of Japan. Moreover, the Shinkansen stops there on the Tokaido line, for example between the capital and Kyoto.

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By JR Shinkansen train: 1h40 from Tokyo, 36 minutes from Kyoto

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